Dec 20, 2017

Christmas on Plaça Catalunya

Plaça Catalunya becomes a place to take part in Christmas festivities from December 22 to January 4. This year, the stars of the show will be the ingravidolles, giant spheres that convey the feelings and emotions of weightlessness we feel as holidays approache. Barcelona will become a city of 800,000 ingravidolles, each representing one of the 800,000 homes in the city. For a perfect holiday, BCN Apartment Rentals offers you the best luxury apartments in the heart of Barcelona, with the best design, location, security and comfort.

Here are the highlights on Special Christmas activities on Plaça de Catalunya:

Advent calendar​. One of the new spaces this year will be the advent calendar with dioramas. Every day, a new window opens to reveal a new surprise!

Washing away nightmares. There will also be a space for everyone to wash away their nightmares. As a workshop and with tables prepared with colouring pencils and different items of clothing cut out of paper, everyone can draw or write what they would like to banish from their life and then hang it on a large washing line in “Nightmare Street”. 

Recreational and sports activities. There will be street-stage performances of the Teatre Nu company’s El Patufet, Gromic’s Maaagia and Mumusic Circus‘s Amigoo on 22, 23, 24 and 27 December. What’s more, L’estrany viatge del Sr. Tonet and Traginer de Jocs, performed by the Tombs Creatius company, will be packing the centre of Plaça de Catalunya with toys throughout the day. Sport takes centre stage on Plaça de Catalunya on 28 and 29 December, with workshops from 11 am to 6 pm. There will also be displays such as Freestyle Football, Freestyle Street Basketball, Leti&Fer and Joan Català’s show Pelat. On 30 and 31 December the focus is on young people, with workshops and performances during the day that will include break-dancing, hip-hop and sketchbooking. The Neighbourhood Fair, featuring young artists from the city’s civic and youth centres, will make for two days full of vitality, dedicated to the city’s youth.

Royal pages​. Several very special guests will be coming to the square on 2, 3 and 4 January. The pages to Their Majesties the Kings of the Orient will greet children keen to deliver their own letters in person. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy Barcelona in the winter and get to know the city better staying in our luxury apartments by BCN Apartment Rentals


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