Mar 28, 2018

De Flor en Flor Barcelona 2018

At Poble Espanyol the Holy Week is celebrated with a festival of flowers, senses and colors! It is called De Flor en Flor and it is the 1st flower and garden festival in Barcelona, ​​held between March 29 and April 2. For a perfect holiday, get the most unique experience with BE Apartment in the best luxury apartments in Barcelona and other cities, for your security, pleasure and comfort.

For a few days, walking through the Poble Espanyol will become an experience for your senses. Flower and plant decorations, orchids and bonsai exhibitions, art shows related to the floral world, live music and a long list of workshops for children and adults are part of this unique spring festival in Barcelona. Anyone who approaches the Poble Espanyol during these 5 days will have the opportunity to enjoy 14 floral decorations distributed along the streets and squares of the enclosure. With all these activities, De Flor en Flor aims to bring the sector of flowers, botany and gardening closer to all the audiences, as well as to promote environmental awareness among citizens.

The main novelty of De Flor en Flor 2018 will be a gigant floral catifa. This monument of ephemeral art will have 28m2 in length, representing the image of Sant Jordi. The creation of the floral mantle will take place on Thursday, March 29, in a process that all the attendees can follow in person. Another noveltiy will be the debut of the school Rosa Valls Formació which contribues to the floral decoration. In addition to the floral displays, the program of De Flor en Flor 2018 is composed of a series of workshops designed for visitors to learn more about the plants, at the same time as they enjoy them. The mysterious orchids, the much admired bonsai, cacti, the “kokedames” and other plants and flowers will be the protagonists.

In a fun and entertaining way, the festival De Flor en Flor will try to bring the flower and botanical sector closer to all kinds of audiences. Celebrate the spring and visit De Flor en Flor 2018 at Poble Espanyol. Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy Barcelona and get to know the city better with BE Apartment. If you´re visitng the city, take a look at our luxury apartments that we have throughout the city.

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