Jan 15, 2018

Eat Street January 2018

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The food market Eat Street started 2018 with an international brunch based on the theme of breakfasts around the world, a gastronomic event for you to recover from Christmas and New Year celebrations. Do you prefer either coffee with milk and a sandwich or chocolate with truncheons? Maybe some fruits? Or maybe you would like a toast with butter or pancakes bathed in marple syrup? Do you want to try out what people around the world eat? At Eat Street there were different types of breakfasts goo: arepas, burritos, egg and bacon muffins, chilaquiles, nasi lemak, pandesal with longanizas, shakshuka, veggie egg curry, pancakes with maple syrup and etc. With the first edition of the year you could travel to Venezuela, California, Mexico, Malasya, Flilipinas, Israel, India, United Kingdom or Canada and learn what is eaten for breakfast in these countries.

At Eat Street you could see expert chefs from the restaurants such as Trópico, Killer Burrito, Montse L’artesana, Cloudstreet Bakery, Eureka Street Food, Hawker 45, Hummus Barcelona, ​​Masala ’73 and Mariaunacrep. They also had all kinds of activities about the subject, a tropic juice bar where were served bisap, the national drink of Senegal, coffee from Milk & Coffee, chai tea, mango lassi from Masala ’73, bloody marys, mimosas and etc.

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