Mar 12, 2018

International Women´s Day

The International Women’s Day is celebrated every March 8 and is recognized by the United Nations Organization. It is a day when sexism and inequality of rights and opportunities between men and women are denounced. March 8 has its origin in various specific events: the strike of American textile workers in 1857 and fire on a Cotton factory of New York, on March 25, 1911, where 149 people, mostly women, manifestated their right, many of them where immigrants and very poor, with painful working conditions. The great mobilizations that took place are the origin of the International Women’s Day. For more a perfect holiday, get the most unique experience with BE Apartment in the best luxury apartments in Barcelona and other cities, for your security, pleasure and comfort.

Barcelona has prepared some special activities for the International Women’s Day. The MNAC marks March 8 with an open day for women and free activities from March 2 to 31. Once again this year the Museum is marking the International Women’s Day with a special programme of activities throughout March, where film, theatre, storytelling and guided tours all focus on women. Today on 8 March, an open day is planned for all women with guided tours that take a gender perspective. On Saturday 10 March, the session ‘Contes als museus per a nenes rebels’ (Tales at the museum for rebellious girls) is at 5 pm, and on Saturday 24 March the film Girl Power will be screened at 7 pm. Free admission to the museum also includes guided tours till March 31.

Take a look ath the article´s photo that we thought describes the International Women’s Day best: the Cave of Hands in the Argentine Patagonia. Now we know that most of cave paintings were not made by man, but by women. A simple morphological analysis of the hands knocked down one of the most deeply rooted axioms in history. Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy Barcelona and get to know the city better with BE Apartment. If you´re visitng the city, take a look at our luxury apartments that we have throughout the city.

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