Feb 26, 2018

Mobile Social Congress 2018

Coinciding with the Mobile World CongressBarcelona organizes Mobile Social Congress to call for a fairer electronic model. The meeting is on at the Pati Manning on February 27 and 28. For more a perfect holiday, get the most unique experience with BE Apartment in the best luxury apartments in Barcelona and other cities, for your security, pleasure and comfort.

The third edition of the Mobile Social Congress once again looks at the flip side of the mobile and technology industry. Topics that will be covered at this event include alternative experiences which promote technological sovereignty from a feminist perspective, as well as responses from the social and solidarity economy to programmed obsolescence and electronic waste. The Mobile Social Congress 2018 will also be highlighting how female workers and women from affected communities in Latin America are mobilising in response to the violation of their rights and of the environmental rights in the electronic supply chain. The admission to Mobile Social Congress 2018 activities (debates, interviews, workshops etc.) is free. Prior booking is required for the Restart Party for mobile and computer repairs.

On February 27 there will also be held the event called Women in Mobile. It is a Barcelona community for women working in the mobile industry. Its goal is to raise the profile of women in the world of technology. Coinciding with the Mobile World Congress, the community is organising its star event: a meeting for the finest professionals in the sector to share experiences and success stories. This year’s event looks at products based on artificial intelligence which are able to learn user preferences and offer them tailor-made content. The speakers of the Women in Mobile event are Tilke Judd (Google), Lisa Falco (Ava) and Raphaëlle Dessein (BlaBlaCar).

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